Circle of life thunderbird house

The Circle of Life Thunderbird House (Anishinaabemowin: Whaka Pimadiziiwii Pinaysiiwigamic) is an inclusive Centre where all community members are welcome to visit. There are many opportunities to connect with Elders, Teachers, Healers, Knowledge Keepers and Community.

Our focus

We focus on Indigenous health and spirituality through Indigenous spiritual practices, culture, and ceremonies. Our Elders and Youth are working together to bring support to anyone on their spiritual or physical journey with caring and supportive guidance.

Our Space

The Rotunda’s space offers a naturalistic feel and atmosphere for ceremonies, feasts, meetings, conferences, weddings, memorials or any type of event! We have a fully stocked kitchen with the capacity for 300 people. 

The multi-award-winning Architect who designed and brought to life the Circle of Life Thunderbird House was Douglas Cardinal (Hon LLD 2022). Douglas was born in Calgary and is of Blackfoot and Métis heritage. He created the building with indigenous culture, ceremonies and healing in mind, as seen in the Circle of Life Rotunda fire pit to the Thunderbird.

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